“Feng Shui for Awesomeness”  with Stephanie Frame Herzog

Feng Shui for Awesomeness: What would make your life more awesome?  A new job?  A romantic partner?  A trip to Europe? Maybe you are just looking for a spark of inspiration?  Or perhaps you find yourself trying to create change in your life, but it somehow always feels like pulling teeth instead of flowing smoothly and easily?

Feng shui has been used for thousands of years to create an environment that inspires good luck to its inhabitants.  In modern times we understand how physics, the law of attraction, affirmations, and the power of intention can help you co-create your life; by incorporating these along with feng shui principles and looking at your home or work space with “feng shui eyes”, your environment becomes a powerful gateway into the co-creation of a truly awesome life. Are you ready? 😉








“Thriving Made Easy”  with Danny Picard

*Warning you will laugh and your lives will change*
Thriving Made Easy: This workshop includes: meditation instruction/Reiki Healing, Discussion, Angelic healing and group hypnotherapy to shift your energy into a more abundant state of being.  You are the creator of your reality. Everything is a vibrational match to you and your energy. We will discuss Limiting beliefs and The power of positive thinking, Law of Attraction, Letting go of all things which no longer serve your highest good, forgiveness and the Violet Flame. What is abundance? How do I manifest? Raise your Vibrations and thrive!
Danny Picard is an Intuitive Empath, a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Metatronia Healer/Attuner, Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master and Teacher as well as spiritual life coach. Located in Oakland, CA.









“Power Yoga” with Rachel Rajput

Power Yoga: Power Yoga is a fitness-based Flow class, moving from asana to asana (pose to pose). This class is all-levels, with modifications given for beginning and more advanced students. Each class begins and ends with short meditation. Laughter and joy highly encouraged!
Rachel’s vibrant and dynamic teaching style draws from her modern dance, theater, and improvisation background. She weaves bits of Yogic philosophy into every class and hopes that students come out of her classes ready to take on the world like true Warriors! Rachel is the owner of the thriving studio Left Coast Power Yoga in Oakland, CA.








“Total Self-Acceptance” with Chris Orozco

Total Self-Acceptance: What might your life look like if you could truly accept every part of yourself? What kind of impact on society could that have? Come explore these thoughts, learn tools and gain new perspectives to help make this a reality in your everyday life. This interactive workshop will guide you on a journey of self-exploration and total self-acceptance.













“20 Minute Grounding Meditation” with Amy Gregg

20 Minute Grounding Meditation: It always helps to get centered and grounded at a party before and after dancing your socks off! This short meditation will get you in your body, observing the physical sensations and subtlety of vibration. You will become grounded to the earth’s energy and receptive to the unconditional love of the universe. You will be rejuvenated and ready for the evening’s festivities.










“Introduction to Capoeira” with Don Keenan

Introduction to Capoeira: Exploring the basic movements of Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art form hidden as dance. We will practice the basic kicks and escapes alone and in pairs in a fun and safe environment.













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