Survival Guide


We are so excited for Sanctuary 5!  The location is amazing, the weather will be perfect, the music will be bumping, and you are going to have fun! Lets bid farewell to this epic summer right and celebrate all the hard work everyone did to keep the 2014 scene alive!



The location is beautiful!  260 acres with a beautiful pool in the rolling hills of northern California, 2.5 hours north of San Francisco.

Start time:

We suggest arriving early on Friday.  The music begins at 6:00pm sharp and you won’t want to miss any of it!


Gate hours:

Friday:  3pm – 3am (Sat morning)

Saturday:  10am –  6pm Sunday


The gate will remain open from Saturday 10 am until Sanctuary closes at 6pm on Sunday

** Be advised you will not be let in when the gate is closed **


Day – Bring whatever you need to stay cool and not burn!  Efficient camp gear, sunscreen, hats, shorts, bathing suits, misters, FLIP FLOPS, towels, etc.

Night – It gets COLD, so bring those big phatty coats and lots of layers. Be prepared for all temps.


Bring your bathing suits and floaty toys!  NO GLASS of any kind allowed in the water areas.  And remember- Saturday is Mascot Mania and Sunday is our notorious fun run!


Cars & RVs:

** Carpool * CarPool * cArPoOL * CaRpooL **   Please carpool!  Limited car camping and RV spots available. Please email for a space.



There will be a designated camping area. When you arrive, gate volunteers will be there to greet you, and point you in the RIGHT direction. You will be able to camp where you like but there will be no cars allowed to park on-site so pack lite. (there is a short distance from camping to parking lot).


Food & Cooking:

If you bring a BBQ, please bring it over to the designated BBQ area.  We will have one food vendor so please plan ahead.


Water & Hydration:

BRING YOUR OWN WATER. One gallon per day per person is advised.


Trash & Recycling:

** This IS a Pack In/Pack OUT event… We will NOT be supplying trash receptacles. Please plan accordingly and only bring with you what you will take home with you! ** Thanks for your help!


Safety Lighting:

The designated paths between the main areas will be lit at night but bringing your own lighting for your camping area and yourself is recommended.



There will be designated smoking areas. Please do not smoke outside of these areas and put out all butts out in provided designated receptacles or your own ash tray (empty Altoid cans or film canisters work well) We will be strongly enforcing the smoking rules and you WILL be asked to leave if you break them.


High Fire Season:

We can’t say it enough: It is high fire season.  Absolutely –NO fires allowed in camping areas. Please only smoke and cook in the designated areas.  


Bathrooms & Showers:

Please bring solar showers if you wish. Porta potties and wash stations as well as a small pool shower available.



We will have a live, interactive art area with lots of paint and brushes.  Paint and brush contributions are always welcome.


Fun stuff!

– The return of FRO Friday. Join in the celebration with your favorite AFRO!

– Mascot Mania Saturday- Dress as your favorite mascot and enter our halftime show contest!

– Sunday is our early morning fun run, so dress to impress in your favorite running attire!

– Champagne & Bacon  brunch on Sunday!  Please bring your plastic/metal cupware, etc.!


Crew members will be wearing lanyards with  blinky LED pins. If you have any questions or run into any trouble, please ask one of them.



There will be an EMT on call.



There is a strict no dog policy at the venue, please respect the rules.


Last but not least:

Our goal is to create an amazing, safe and positive event. We all must do our part to make this happen. Please, please respect your surroundings, yourself and the people around you. Keep an eye out for each other and for our planet. Please know any behavior that is disrespectful to the property or jeopardizes the safety of anyone in attendance, including yourself, will NOT be tolerated. Lets have noth’n but LOVE baby!!!