(Dirtybird, Anabatic Records – San Francisco)

When it comes down to all the press and hype, his name says it all. He is Worthy. With an in-depth knowledge of production, mixing, and performance, Worthy has the insight to play for his audience, cultivating intense positive energy on the dance floor that can only be portrayed as superhuman. His sound can be described as organic breakbeats with a mix of future house, 80’s, booty bass, and techno. As Carl Cox said, “The Worthy sound has always been powerful, rocking, funky, bass-driven music at its best, and for me this is the new wave in house music.” Worthy has received the recognition of major producers who have played his tracks including Sven Vath, Diplo, and Richie Hawtin, among many.







(Sunset Sound System, Dirtybird Records – San Francisco)

Galen founded Sunset Sound System with the idea of providing free, outdoor picnic-style parties where people could commune and dance while watching the sun set behind the San Francisco skyline. Word spread quickly, and what began as a few friends with speakers and a generator turned into festivities of over 1,000 people within the first year.  Today, Sunset Sound System is on the move, boasting big-name talent for their international boat parties, festival-style campouts and famed park gatherings.

Cosmic Selector (TekFreaks, Opulent Temple, LunarBurn)


Rob Monroy (FnF, Deep East)


Sean Murray (Housepitality, SF)


Influence (Strategik)


Jay Vigor (Strategik North)


SimpleGreenE (Strategik)


Dr. Whiskers (Strategik, Brass Tax)


DJ Bam (Want It!, Evil Breaks)


Cello Joe


Indy Nyles (M.L.A.B., Deep East)


Ethan Miller (FnF)


OneDeepBreath (


Dabis (Memekast, Full Spektrum)


Haute Mess (Brass Tax)


DJ ROCKIT (Strategik North,


DJ Chai (Want It!, Want It! Radio)


Nick Williams (WERD)


Dulce Vita (Opulent Temple)


J:MIAH (Wantegik/Aranji/DBM)


BASSMECHANIC (Digital Apex, Future SD)


Adam Brody (Strategik)


J.G. Scott (


Adia Break (FUTURE SD)


Anthony James (Strategik)


Squama (Elev8US/MalLabel Music)


KHOLIZION (Strategik North)


SUBLIMINAL (Strategik North)


Joe Joe (Brass Tax)


Pwny (Bubble, FnF)


Greg Chronic G


J Raz (Disco Knights, Bass Culture Kauai)


Marky Ray (Brass Tax)


Jamie Lin (ReFreshed)


Bill Samuelz (Strategik, ReFreshed)