Collaboration Inspiration: Altar for the Future

With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s sometimes a struggle to stay positive. But it’s essential that we focus our energy on a better world. This year at Sanctuary 5, we are very excited to invite all attendees to bring some inspiration for a collaborative altar which we will be building throughout the weekend. Please bring art, inspirational writings, photos, crystals, or anything that adds positivity and love to our vision for the future. We will also be honoring people who have passed on.


Don Keenan

Live Artist: Don Keenan


Jade GreenE

Live Artist: Jade Greene



Tunnels by Jake Snyder

TUNNELS is an audiovisual three­-dimensional projection experience. It is a practice in the use of light and sound to define space. Often space is considered an empty void, defined by a lack of structure, and we see structure as the most important element in containing and defining space. Yet our perception of space and structure is overwhelmingly controlled and altered by light and sound. TUNNELS takes this concept a step further, defining spaces using light itself as the only perceived structure. A hollow shape projected through fog becomes a three-­dimensional space with opaque light­walls, and as its form is manipulated, so too is the space, and with it one’s mood and perception of the otherwise empty room.



Oasis of Missed Connections by The Gardeners



Starlight by Sheet Metal Alchemist



TBD (To BEE Determined) by Kevin Byall

“Will the Bees live? Will they Die? Will humans live if the bees die? All of this is TBD.” Based on an untitled Calder stabile, this homage adds a modern aspect with ever changing colors using internally LED lit materials. The hex shapes were created using resin impregnated fabric. The hive, with fiberglass and resin. The opaque shapes will be LED lit and an ever changing color wash will shine though. The balanced shapes invite interaction.



We will have a live, interactive art area with lots of paint and brushes. Paint and brush contributions are always welcome.


Artists- Would you like to see your artwork or installation featured? Please click the picture above to apply or email